Oct 30, 2012

Trip to Moscow

It was our first trip to Moscow... for "business" of course, but "pleasure" came naturally, in a city of such aristocratic and legendary background.

Our main target was the C.P.M. Fashion Exhibition which took place between the 5th -8th of September 2012.
Naturally, the 1.4.U Cruise Collection for 2013 simply Shined!

What amused us the most in Moscow, was the clarity and simplicity of the way people dress.
Clean-cut in general, from early morning...
Girls are women, and boys are men.
There's not much "grunge" or "street look" fashion around... or at least we sure didn't realize it, moving around the Red Square,  Down - Town Area.

Moscow, you impressed us with your air of glamour and luxury... we will be back!!!

Help me ... but don't pat me, because I bite!!!

Potato Chip with Crab!!!

Starbuck's Souvenir 

Public Toilets at the Red Square

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