Nov 3, 2012

Lamb Giouvetsi... Revised !!!

Comfort Food... ''Greek Style'', with a classic staple recipe for the week-end.
NOT as you know it, but the way it is presented from "Souvlaki For The Soul"

Living in Sydney Australia, and being proud of his Greek background, ''Souvlaki For The Soul'' a food & travel blog takes most Greek recipes a step further.
Feast your eyes on this photographer's proposal of Lamb Giouvetsi with lentils...

and take some time to accompany him in his travels around the world & his attempts in cooking just about anything, with a special recommendation in his Greek Food recipe section of coarse !

***due to a typing error of the recipe, use ONLY the first 17 ingredients... (grated cheese, Kefalotyri, Parmesan, Romano)*** !!!

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