Nov 21, 2012

U already know... Anna Dello Russo !!!

We'll start off with her picture, because naturally you've seen her, some place !!!
Creative consultant & editor of Japanese Vogue.. Anna Dello Russo.

Anna use to see the shows... now she is the show herself.
A self-made brand, a phenomenom celebrity.

She's called the ''woman with the 1000 outfits'' and not a single one repeated !
Boasting that she owns her own fragrance, and a sell-out limited edition t-shirt collection... Anna now
collaborates with  H & M designing an accessory collection full of color and shine.

There's not a fashion show she's not invited to... modeling eye popping prints, over sized logos, designer shoes & eye glasses, hats & coronas.

In the early 90s working in Vogue Italia, she remembers herself as a ''fashion victim'' a low-key, minimal person and totally androgynous... until she became a Rebel to Reductionist.

Born in Bari, Italy, birth place of Gianni Versace  and Domenico Dolce, it was in her nature to like gold, logos & anything flashy.

Feast your eyes on the pictures that follow, and take a minute to enjoy Anna's outfits as you would any piece of art...

*all images from Anna Della Russo's blog