Feb 18, 2013


Hi U guys !!!
Haven't posted lately. Hope U all had a great Valentine's Day.
The plan was to post sweets & cookies & goodies all in heart shapes, as well as lots of red stuff just to get U into the St. Valentine's mood...

BUT the CPM Moscow Fashion Fair has us ALL running & going, leaving little OR no time at all to post all this fun stuff... (keep U posted on this soon)

AND THEN... this guy (!?!?) in RED TIGHTS catches the eye.
Was he suppose to ?
Is this a promotion trick ?
Haven't seen something so well planned & posted, in my entire life... No kidding !
Well seated, right where the camera snaps... into ALL the fashion shots that will travel world wide & mark the archive of a fashion house for ever & ever.

Wouldn't have paid much of attention to the clothes, but then again, I couldn't focus on them after that... AFTER laying my eyes on the RED TIGHTS !!!

We're sharing them with U... instead of a late Valentine's post & R awaiting your comments & opinion. ;-)

KINDER AGGUGINI's Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection
London Fashion Week
visit www.style.com