Apr 25, 2013

When NOT to wear your UGGs !!!

The hated fur boot is slowly creeping back into favor in the fashion world.
UGGs are more popular now than you think.

 recent UGG Campaign

A recent survey conducted in the U.S.A showed that 26% of American women admitted having at least one pair of UGGs .

Naturally there are many alternatives to such a hideous pair of boots...

BUT when the massive blizzard blanketed the city during New York Fashion Week,  on the second day of the fashion shows, something miraculous happened... a sizable portion of the fashion set showed up at the shows, not wearing high heels, but in the furry Australian boots. 

All of the sudden, there is a massive shift of attitude towards the awkward looking boot, and now they are hated less. 

Gillian Zinser
Tori  Spelling
Pamella Anderson
UGG was launched in 1978 in Australia, but it wasn't until 2004 and after Sienna Miller & Kate Moss  started wearing the ugly looking boots that they started being noticed.

It was Paris Hilton & Nichole Richie a few years later that helped launch them while trooping through farmlands wearing the beige fur classic edition in the reality show The Simple Life.
In only three years they spread across America !!!

Kate Hudson 
Ashley Tisdale

Britney Spears

Studded, glitter, denim, knitted, chrocheted, patchwork, even a Wedding Day Edition UGGs are now available, making the Brand's original beige short boot in chestnut color look too plain.

Despite this, it is still UGG's #1 Best Seller worldwide.

Minka Kelly
UGG boots have gained widespread acceptance, BUT only recently have they been accepted by the style & fashion scene...

Ugly as they may appear... "Once you try them, you won't be able to live without them " that is the most noted phrase by all those who wear them.

Denise Richards
Pamella Andersom
Minka Kelly
Surely most of you need no presentation what-so-ever & are proud owners of one or more pairs of UGGs.
But now that the weather is getting warmer...
Please... please... put your UGGs away !!!

Although quite difficult as it may seem, save your boots for next season. April until September are months that you can do without them. They are too warm to wobble around wearing them & this article isn't targeted to raise your awareness on the bad points & disadvantages of the boots.

Take our word on it... they are soooo warm that they raise your body temperature & that's something that isn't needed in the warm weather, is it ???

There's no pictures posted in this article with warm coats, snow & sweaters.
Alternately Celebrities are showing you how not to wear your UGGs !!!

DON'T FORGET... that this world also has All-Stars, Peep-Toes & Sandals !!!
& that's what warm weather is all about.

Images from the Huffington Post & MSN