Sep 26, 2013

Stressed, Depressed & Blue Cheese Gougeres !!!

At 1.4.U  we love creating clothes for all of U... 
Just as much as we love to cook & bake !!!

Today we're launching a fresh new way of showing you our creations combined with a recipe which is inspired by each piece... 

"STRESSED, DEPRESSED AND WELL DRESSED" from the new Men's T-shirt Collection, hand embellished with Swarovski Crystals... 
A straight forward slogan tee, but with a twist & shine that the Swarovski Crystals provide.
Great to wear on an evening out for a drink with friends.

BLUE CHEESE GOUGERES is the recipe that is paired with the T-shirt of our presentation today...
You can't get more straight forward than this easy recipe & blue cheese does provide the twist we spoke about right above !!! 
You don't have to be a blue cheese lover to enjoy these.
Good friends, a few drinks & a ball game are just right  ;-)

Recipe from Honest Cooking

Luna Stoner (famous Greek Rock Star & Artist) is pictured in the 1.4.U Campaign with the  "STRESSED, DEPRESSED AND WELL DRESSED" T-shirt from the New Men's Collection. 

See it on  & view ALL the different styles that it is available here