Feb 14, 2014


Fooled around and fell in love... 
That's one of the five slogans that  1.4.U is sharing with U this Valentine's Day !!! 

The first Limited Edition that celebrates love & lovers was on display exclusively at the 1.4.U Concept Store. 

Digital printing at its best, in five white t-shirts that are each folded into a greeting card making it easier for you to give to all those you love !!!

There is also a Special Edition t-shirt in Greek.
"Erotas i Tipota" in Greek means... "In Love or Nothing"  giving even those who declare that they aren't in love or are not celebrating February 14th the option to wear a 1.4.U Special Limited Edition T-shirt this St. Valentine's Day !!! 

Check them out yourself on www.14u-fashion.com/shop/find/fooled