Nov 6, 2012


Gentlemen prefer blogs...
when did they stop preferring blondes... if ever ???

We're all excited here at 1.4.U...  each and everyone of us.
Fashion is our passion (& always will be) BUT lately we've... ''fooled around & fell in love'' 
with both our new additions.  Our new blog as well as our new tumblr page !!!

We've gotten stuck on them, and hope you will too.

Generally, we're in a daily search for original photos as well as postings.
Hope all this won't rub off onto our creativity... LOL !!!

Do take some time to visit or follow us. Our ''social network'' links will make it easy for you through our NEW web-page.

Thanks for all your warm wishes and comments of approval concerning on new web... glad all U-guys like it... & last BUT not least, a very BIG thank-you to our 50,000 & more facebook friends throughout these years.

We LOVE-U...
Because... U - R - 1.4.U !!!

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