Aug 19, 2013


"Mermaid Wanted" that's what the sign says... 
that's who they're seeking at the Hawaiian location of Kauai!!! 

A popular place as well as a tourist attraction Mermaid's Cafe as known by the locals, bursts of colors & aromas. Take a look at the photos yourself... Feast your eyes on how the bright, vivid decor gives space for humor and fun. 
It's evident from the beginning... only good vibes exist at this place. 
& if you're too busy to notice... a ten dollar fee will be charged on your bill at the end of your stay !!! 

Everything on the menu is fresh tropical produce, healthy eating at its best.
Nachos, tacos, wrappers, tapas, fish, fruit salads & fruit juice, coconut water, tropical teas as well as smoothies... needless to say that everything on the menu is organic & cooked or whipped up before your eyes !!! 

The flavors are unforgettable... But its the art that captures your eyes and steals your mind.
Surely U will find your self asking... "I'm really a Mermaid, ain't I " ??? 

Hoping that the sign you read while entering Mermaid's Cafe, will ensure U a ticket to paradise...

Hope U enjoyed this trip as much as we did...
ALL photos from Instagram @mermaidscafe