Nov 13, 2012

How to become a Fashion Designer...

A recent article we read, sparked our interest on the subject...
How do you become a Fashion Designer ???

Don't be surprised by the picture you see beneath. There is NO mistake !!!
Despina Vandi isn't being presented here as a singer or entertainer.
BUT as this article announces above, as a Fashion Designer.

So, how do you become a Fashion Designer, one might ask ?
Are a few Gold or Platinum Albums enough ?
Does one have to have a good voice ? Sexy body or unwrinkled, young face ?
Will all this help the prospective designer create and sell fashion ?

Naturally, there's many celebrities cashing in on the influence they have to the public.
Jennifer Lopez (above) created in 2001 her mass oriented fashion line. It has over 10 categories, ranging from clothes, accessories, fragrances, watches, shoes, handbags, make-up etc.
Does she have professional knowledge on all these categories ?

Most large fashion houses usually have a designer in each category.
JLo on the other hand, other than her ability to manage a career as a singer, performer and her family, manages all the above !!!
Our guess is that she just hands out her name, and co-owner Andy Hilfinger (Tommy's brother) does the rest...

Madonna on the other hand is something different all together.

Legendary singer and musician... but also a Style Icon !!!
Through the years, we can't neglect the fact that she has influenced fashion as only a few have.
On August of 2010, she launched a youth line that sells out in large department stores each season.

Through the years, singer Gwen Stephani  has her own clothes & accessories lable.
Singer Justin Timberlake inspires his vintage sports ware collection & U2's lead Bono's organic clothes line sells world wide.
The list is long. rappers as well as country singers. From formal suits to bridal ware.

Even Lady Gaga announced that she will launch her own Fashion House in 2013... and she's entitled to do so, since with her her strange style of dressing she's gained attention through the years.
Raising the question today, how will this adapt to a mass production line ?
Guess we'll have to be patient and we will soon see.

What we're trying to stress is...
there's nothing wrong about celebrities mingling with fashion, as long as they're fashion oriented and not just cashing in on it.

No one can argue that Victoria Beckham isn't entitled to have an opinion on the fashion seen.
Her stiff style and rather snob attitude towards fashion... IS a statement !!!

Victoria started out with a small line of jeans during her ''Spice'' years called Rock & Republic.
As her taste in fashion changed, so did her collection, which today features an extensive range of dresses and handbags.

Enough of this international tour of singers turning fashion designers...

Returning to a local singer here in Greece, Sakis Rouvas changed his polished Hollywood look after deciding to collaborate with a casual sports company in Greece. In other words, he adapted his image to his clothing collection... or actually to the company's image instead.

Before the economic crisis in Greece, we thought that Sakis had lost his spark. Now he just looks like he's ''blended'' in... as if he doesn't want to get noticed.
Pity, since with his charm, influencing fashion in the right way was a ticket to bring Greek fashion abroad.

Now,here is the picture that actually triggered this article...

In a country that's undergoing a severe economic crisis, with stores closing, and absolutely nothing selling...
what surprised us isn't Despina's attempt to create and sell among this.

The question that arises is... has Despina Vandi made her style satement through out the years ?
Does she have her own ''personal style'' ? Or has she been imitating (let's say, VB ) ?
Is this HER look ? 

Is Despina going to wear this collection, or is she just suggesting we do, while she wears designer brands ?
Is this pile of jersey (synthetic or not ) actually missing from the ''dead'' Greek market ?
Can't something like this be bought at Zara ?

What a monochrome bland winter...  from the looks of the opening, looks more like a thrift shop than a Fashion House...
She has ALL the Greek celebs to back her off, wearing & promoting her creations...
But naturally publicity is never enough.

Time will show, if clearly a singer with no distinct personal style throughout the years is capable of cashing in from a market that is in deep recession...

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