Nov 30, 2012

NEW way to roast chicken !!!


We're NOT boasting of knowing just about every cooking technique around.
BUT when this picture came in sight, it sure made an impression !!!

The name ''NEW way to Roast Chicken" was given to this article, rather than ''STRANGE way to Roast Chicken''... since all the baking is done using a CAN of BEER...

Are you familiar with this technique ?
It is well known throughout the U.S.A using the bar-b-q.
Why not simplify it & put it in the oven ?

NO need to give you a certain recipe. It's the actual baking procedure that counts..
USE your favorite spices or follow any one of the recipes on the link below.


The beer evaporates, tenderizing & basting the chicken, giving it a unique taste and the ''sit - down'' baking method assures you crispiness.

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HERE is a link that substitutes wine for beer (in the beer can of coarse !!!)

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And if you are WONDERING what to do with the remaining beer, if you haven't ALREADY drank it...

- you can take a warm bath or shampoo you hair...
- polish your furniture
- fertilize your plants
-soften your tired feet
- use as pest control

SEE the MANY uses of beer, other than just drinking it...


as well as HERE -