Dec 3, 2012

Sunday at... MONASTIRAKI !!!

Cloudy outside... what a better chance for a down-town stroll, with friends & family ?

The area of Monastiraki is one of great preference by most Athenians during the Fall & Winter months.

The day starts slowly, as well as late in the morning.
Taking the Metro to Syndagma Square, walk down Ermou Street, pacing slow... and do some ''Window Shopping"while you're at it... some, if not most of the shops are opened on Sunday !

When you reach the end, or almost so... the buzz of people walking around, having their coffee or a souvlaki at the same time won't leave you unimpressed.

The streets are narrow, the shops are old, and the atmosphere totally vintage...

You'll find street vendors selling hand-made costume jewellery...
shops that sell imitation brand-name clothes...
tourist shops, selling Greek ''koboloia'' (or ''worry-beads'') ... now produced in China & elsewhere...
& yogurt-shops... the NEW fashion & craze of the days !!!

There's Ancient History everywhere. Now a days, the ruins as well as the area of  Monastiraki in general,  are better taken care of than in the past. There's even a train-ride tour of the area.

Monastiraki, an area of color, nostalgia and romance.
It certainly, won't leave you un-touched, since as Greeks we say...
Every Yesterday was an even Better Day!!!

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