Nov 8, 2012

U R... 1.4.U !!!

Obviously most, if not all of you have visited the New 1.4.U website.
Have you specifically taken some time to see the Men's & Women's Campaign ?

There isn't one professional model to be found this season.
Since, in all the picture shots you will see only our friends...

Through the years we were lucky and happy to have so many fanatic 1.4.U fans with us.
Simply, loving the clothes.

The New Campaign comes forward, emphasizing that YOU ARE 1.4.U !!!  The people who have worn & adored the clothes !

We thank each one of you, who with a smile, were willing to pose & have fun.
Some came from across the street... while others from distant cities.

In this campaign we have a famous fashion designer, a rock star, a bank director, a sales director, a stylist, a soccer player, a pop-star, an artist of fine arts, a public relation & comunication adviser,  a
professional boxer, a student, a fashion freak & even a police officer (OFF duty of coarse) !!!

Photo sessions are still taking place. Grabbing every opportunity we have...
Naturally, giving you much more material to feast your eyes into in the near future !!!

visit our COLLECTION at

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