Nov 9, 2012

How old do U think they R ???

QUIZ of the DAY...
How old are the girls in these pictures ?

Please get a pen or a pencil, and a piece of paper naturally...
and looking at each photo, write down the age of each candidate.
NO peaking at the results... play fair !!!

Once you continue, you will see the results....

PICTURE #1     Girl in the black dress is 15 year old actress  Chloe Grace Moretz

PICTURE #2     Kendall Jenner is 16 and her sister, Kyllie Jenner is 14, both of them the young generation of the Kardashian family.

PICTURE # 3    Finally, in the peach dress is actress Ariel Winter age 14.

Hasn't anyone out there in Hollywood told them about 1.4.U ???

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