Jan 5, 2013

The 1.4.U Cat

She simply just walked in the door...
felt at home & never left the place !!!

We named her ''Beau-Cheetah'... cute, fluffy little thing !!!

The picture above captures her first moments in the shop... straight to work, as some say.
The door opens & closes numerous times of the day, but believe it or not, she hasn't got her mind in leaving.

After a quick bath & a visit to the nearest vet, it's all play, cuddles & sleep... Ohhhhhh & a ''little''
work done in between, when she finds the time.

ABOVE she is ''waiting'' on customers in the reception area...
BELOW she helps out with the gift wrapping during the busy holiday season...

and FINALLY she insists on us using the gold material on the Autumn - Winter 2013 Woman's  Collection...  LOL!!!