Apr 6, 2013


Would U like a strawberry shortcake all-in-1 biscuit ?
That's how Deb describes her scone-type recipe at Smitten Kitchen.
Feast your eyes on the photo below & now that strawberries are in season make this easy recipe for your weekend brunch...

There is no need 4 us to say much about one of the best loved food blogs world-wide.
Smitten Kitchen boasts on having great comfort-food recipes with easy to follow instructions & all whipped up in a small New York apartment kitchen.

Our weekend recipe suggestion can be made-ahead & frozen, making it even more easy 4 U to enjoy !!!

U can find the recipe 4 ''STRAWBERRIES & CREAM BISCUITS'' right  here 

& talking about strawberries...
Take a look at 1.4.U's Strawberry Collection with the DAQUIRI slogan & choose yours between many styles & DON'T forget 2 have a great weekend !!!