Aug 15, 2013

ESPRESSO GRANITA & whipped cream !!!

If U R a COFFEE lover as we R at 1.4.U... 
THIS dessert will B a "keeper" 4 U !!! 

LOVERS of espresso & whipped cream... unite !!!

Hot Summer Lunch Days as well as Dinner Nights will have a different conclusion when U offer this refreshing dessert.

It can't get any easier than this recipe from Smitten Kitchen (one of our favorite food blogs)

Follow the steps & the pictures provided & get guaranteed results.
We admit that we substituted dark-brown sugar instead of white... (maybe we will add honey next time instead) & if you're really lazy... U can use ready whipped cream too  ;-) 

get this recipe on SMITTEN KITCHEN & check-out all the other great ideas & suggestions !!!