Mar 15, 2013


This Summer's Women's Collection will be enhanced with fringes...
We're absolutely wild about them.
Love the bohemian & 70's air they add to any wardrobe.

We've added them on hems, on sleeves, on side seams & slits.
Go ahead & add ''movement'' to your wardrobe...

Once again, we're proud of our fringes...
they're NOT just ''any'' type of fringes, the type that U can find just about anywhere or any shop.

We're boasting that they're simply the BEST. 
ALL hand-cut & specially processed & sewn...
No two items are the same.  
Each product is unique..
Each product is ''One For You''


Hope you enjoyed viewing a few selected samples from our Summer Collection.
ALL feature our special hand-cut 1.4.U fringes !!!

More styles are available on