Oct 31, 2012


These are the ''spookiest'' pumpkin carvings you have ever seen...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN where ever you are !!!

Oct 30, 2012

Trip to Moscow

It was our first trip to Moscow... for "business" of course, but "pleasure" came naturally, in a city of such aristocratic and legendary background.

Our main target was the C.P.M. Fashion Exhibition which took place between the 5th -8th of September 2012.
Naturally, the 1.4.U Cruise Collection for 2013 simply Shined!

1.4.U Tumblr.

A picture's worth a thousand words...it has been said so before by many.

Here at 1.4.U, we couldn't agree more.Therefore, we're introducing you to Tumblr,a New type of Social Creative Communication Network!

Oct 25, 2012


Today... A STAR IS BORN !!!

Please welcome the NEW 1.4.U blog...
A space that will feature fashion, lifestyle & fun !!!