Dec 26, 2012

HO HO... OH !!!

Hope U had a wonderful Christmas... With friends & family alike !!!
Did U "EAT, DRINK & B MERRY" ???

Continue the FESTIVE atmosphere & visit our "Tumblr" page right now at
HO HO... OH !!!

Dec 20, 2012


What a better way to put a SMILE ON YOUR FACE... than these pictures???

Dec 15, 2012

Greek Macaroni & Cheese from Eva & a dessert as well...

While ''posting'' photos on our tumblr , there were some posts others were sharing that caught our eye. GREAT photography & comfort food recipes from Eva, a girl of Greek origin living in Los Angeles.

Dec 8, 2012

Book Lovers NEVER go to bed Alone !!!

In ''other'' words they always have company as quoted above,
& now they have the new 1.4.U t-shirts especially designed for !!!

Dec 7, 2012


Let's get into the Holiday Spirit !
Here are a few easy yet smart suggestions from the 1.4.U team...

Dec 4, 2012


The Greek Media, Blogs & Tabloids had their EYES on model Tzeni Tziverioti's pink blouse when she walked out of the hospital after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. 

Dec 3, 2012

Sunday at... MONASTIRAKI !!!

Cloudy outside... what a better chance for a down-town stroll, with friends & family ?

The area of Monastiraki is one of great preference by most Athenians during the Fall & Winter months.