Apr 12, 2015


Do U know Karagiozis, or is this your first meeting with him ?

Take a look at little Agapi who wears 1.4.U's Karagiozis T-shirt from the NEW Kid's Collection...
Join her through her delightful photo session & read along & get to know this iconic Greek cartoon character  yourself !!! 

Karagiozis is a shadow puppet & fictional character of Greek folklore.
The Greek name Karagiozis is borrowed from the Turkish "Karagoz" meaning "dark-eyed"

Shadow theater which was quite popular in Turkey, was introduced to Greece in the 19th century during Ottoman rule. 

The hero of the shadow puppet play, is no one else than Karagiozis himself...
a hunch-backed, poor, barefooted Greek, wearing patched & ragged clothes, who strives on a daily basis to feed & care of his wife Aglaia & his three sons during the Ottoman Empire.

Karagiozis is a trickster & uses mischievous & crude ways to find money & provide for his family since he hates work & only loves to sleep & eat.
All this takes place as a comedy sketch against the Turkish Pasha (king) & his servants...
Naturally having Karagiozis winning his way at the end !!! 

Puppeteers would make up their own dialogues  both for Karagiozis & the other characters involved.
The shadow puppet plays were popular until the past decade in Greece & were televised successfully. Unfortunately the last decade, this has subsided...

1.4.U as a Greek established company, proudly presents the Karagiozis T-shirt Series for Men & Women & Kids wanting to restore the once popularity the hero of the shadow puppet play Karagiozis had. 

The digital print icon found on each t-shirt is an original shadow puppet, photographed & reproduced by 1.4.U with an enchanting black-eye using hand-embroidery & Swarovski Crystals.


Karagiozis himself with his black-eye Swarovski eye...
& Agapi STILL enjoying 1.4.U's photo shooting !!! 

When I grow up... I'll do exactly what they tell me... but my way !!! 

There are times that photo shootings are very very boring...

U-guys... seriously now R making me laugh !!!

Strike a pose the RUN-WAY model's way... cause NOW you know who the f@ck Karagiozis is !!! 

Enough is enough... 
is enough !!! 

itching on the job... what a tough profession !!!

***MORE information on Karagiozis ---> here

***ALL PHOTOS where taken at the premises (1.4.U Showroom) 
***SPECIAL THANKS to little Agapi & her photogenic mood !!!