Nov 30, 2012

NEW way to roast chicken !!!


We're NOT boasting of knowing just about every cooking technique around.
BUT when this picture came in sight, it sure made an impression !!!

The name ''NEW way to Roast Chicken" was given to this article, rather than ''STRANGE way to Roast Chicken''... since all the baking is done using a CAN of BEER...

Nov 29, 2012

UPLOAD your picture & WIN !!!

We're BACK, after a short absence...

DON'T bother asking why we weren't posting lately...
try to focus on the fact, that there is a NEW CONTEST running, and just by uploading your picture wearing your 1.4.U makes you eligible to WIN a hand crafted Swarovski 1.4.U item !!!

Nov 26, 2012

Nov 21, 2012

U already know... Anna Dello Russo !!!

We'll start off with her picture, because naturally you've seen her, some place !!!
Creative consultant & editor of Japanese Vogue.. Anna Dello Russo.

Nov 17, 2012

Happy Weekend with Haloumi...

Have a great weekend... find time to take it easy, walk in the rain & do some ''window shopping''.

... meanwhile, here is an easy recipe suggestion for you to try, without spending too much time.

Haloumi with Pomegranate Salsa.   Try it for breakfast, as a side dish or meze !!!

Nov 16, 2012

Question of the Night...

Why do ''fashion designers'' ALWAYS have a measuring tape around their neck...
OR thrown over their shoulders when taking pictures ???


Nov 13, 2012

How to become a Fashion Designer...

A recent article we read, sparked our interest on the subject...
How do you become a Fashion Designer ???

Don't be surprised by the picture you see beneath. There is NO mistake !!!
Despina Vandi isn't being presented here as a singer or entertainer.
BUT as this article announces above, as a Fashion Designer.

Nov 10, 2012

Weekend Dutch Baby

Have you ever made a Dutch Baby for breakfast, or for brunch ?
There is nothing to it, really. One of the easiest things in the world to make.

It's something between an omelet and a pancake. But you bake it in the oven instead... giving you time to prepare coffee, tea and fresh orange juice as well.

Nov 9, 2012

How old do U think they R ???

QUIZ of the DAY...
How old are the girls in these pictures ?

Please get a pen or a pencil, and a piece of paper naturally...
and looking at each photo, write down the age of each candidate.
NO peaking at the results... play fair !!!

Once you continue, you will see the results....

Nov 8, 2012

U R... 1.4.U !!!

Obviously most, if not all of you have visited the New 1.4.U website.
Have you specifically taken some time to see the Men's & Women's Campaign ?

There isn't one professional model to be found this season.
Since, in all the picture shots you will see only our friends...

Nov 7, 2012

Free Fashion Styling Seminars !!!

Today 1.4.U is launching its NEW WEEKLY COLUMN dedicated to making life a little more ''stylistic''

Our team, in an effort to help people in need, in every perpective, offers what they know best...

Nov 6, 2012


Gentlemen prefer blogs...
when did they stop preferring blondes... if ever ???

We're all excited here at 1.4.U...  each and everyone of us.
Fashion is our passion (& always will be) BUT lately we've... ''fooled around & fell in love'' 
with both our new additions.  Our new blog as well as our new tumblr page !!!

Nov 5, 2012

Dior, at last !!!

Finally Dior, or Dior at last !!!

Raf Simon's approach towards the House of Dior was a long awaited one. 
He took a long cool look at the heritage of Dior, and easily expressed the lines and the strictness which was long forgotten.

Nov 3, 2012

Lamb Giouvetsi... Revised !!!

Comfort Food... ''Greek Style'', with a classic staple recipe for the week-end.
NOT as you know it, but the way it is presented from "Souvlaki For The Soul"

Living in Sydney Australia, and being proud of his Greek background, ''Souvlaki For The Soul'' a food & travel blog takes most Greek recipes a step further.
Feast your eyes on this photographer's proposal of Lamb Giouvetsi with lentils...